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Eastside Christian Church in Albany, Oregon is a “faith family” intent on serving and praising our Lord Jesus Christ. While the most visible face of our family is seen at one of our worship services, the heart of Eastside is most obvious in our various efforts to serve our neighbors in the name and spirit of Christ.

“Faith family” means that Eastside Christian Church is a place to belong. Psalms 68:6 says, “God sets the lonely in families.” We believe that God in his wisdom understands how much we humans need family, friends, and community. Real church is always about people, not properties or programs. The Bible tells us, “For now we are all children of God through faith in Jesus Christ.” (Galatians 3:26 The Living Bible)

Eastside Christian church is a welcoming place. It doesn’t matter if you are a first-time visitor or a lifelong member, Eastside is YOUR PLACE! Our pastor likes to say, “We were all first-time visitors at some time.”

We are a family always looking to set another place at the table. We are thrilled when visitors come our way. There is no greater joy than when the visitor makes the decision to stay and become a member of the family. You’re always welcome at Eastside Christian Church!

Worship Services:

8:45am First Service

10:30am Second Service

                                                             10:30am Live stream on Church Facebook page

First Time Visitors- Thank you for attending or thinking about attending Eastside.  Please drop by Guest Services and receive a visitor packet.  Also, if you need a Bible, please feel free to take one in the pew racks.

Weekly Connect Cards- Please complete the weekly connect card attached to your bulletin.  They may be deposited in a basket in one of the lobbies or in a pouch held by an usher at the conclusion of the worship service as we leave.

Communion- We observe each Sunday in all worship services.  You are invited to take Communion or not, depending on your understanding and desire.  Gluten Free bread is available.

Tithes and Offerings- Eastside believes in God’s instructions to give or bring an offering. Offerings may be placed in the collection boxes in the lobbies.  Guests may give financially if they so desire and feel compelled to do so by the Lord.

Prayer- If you or a family member is in the hospital or having an upcoming surgery and you would like Eastside to be in prayer, call the office, or email office@eccfamily.com. Please verify with the person you would like prayer for, that they give permission for the information to be sent out to Eastside’s prayer warriors.  You can receive the weekly prayer requests by email or pick up a printed copy in the front lobby Prayer table.

Need a Ride?  Our bus is available to pick up riders to attend the 8:45am Service.  It is handicapped accessible.  Contact Kathy Wilson @541-979-7956.  We are always looking for drivers ages 20-70 years old.

Assisted Listening devices are available in the Sound Booth.

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