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Remember how it used to feel to get a personal letter in the mail? No matter how much faster or convenient email or social media is, they can’t replace that great feeling that someone cares enough to put thoughts on paper and mail it us! AND at today’s postage rates!

At Eastside Christian Church that’s how we feel when people actually show up, or when they call, write, or email. We love that connection. So….you can connect with us at:

ADDRESS – 1910 Grand Prairie Rd. S.E., Albany, OR 97322

PHONE – 541-928-9349

CHURCH EMERGENCY LINE 541-497-1417  (for outside of office hours emergencies)

FAX – 541-928-3905 (if anyone really does this any more?)




Senior Pastor, Scott Hinsche –

Director of Ministry Development, Roger Younger-

Office Manager, Goldie Toews –

Online Giving

To give online and support the ministry work of Eastside Christian Church please click on this link to Paypal.

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