Sermon Video & Audio

10/20/2019 How the Church Acts: Living Victory
 By: Youth Pastor Hunter Hoover

10/13/2019 How the Church Acts: The Safety of a Shipwreck
 By: Pastor Scott Hinsche

10/6/2019 How the Church Acts: Defending the Faith
By: Elder Ben Atchley 

9/29/2019 How the Church Acts: Waiting’s not Easy
 By: Pastor Scott Hinsche

  1. Patience of God’s presence
  2. If you don’t wait, you might miss the good stuff
  3. Faith requires patience
  4. Patience: long-suffering
  5. The power of God’s patience
  6. Need God’s strength for patience
  7. Be patient with all
  8. Patience: fruit of Spirit
  9. “Love is patient” (1 Cor 13:4)
    1. So, we cannot be impatient & loving

9/15/2019 How the Church Acts: Into the Eye of the Storm
 By: Pastor Scott Hinsche

  1. Self-preservation v. Christ’s self-loss
  2. Spirit-check: Word of God
  3. If God called you to go somewhere hard, would you go??
  4. Pray for God’s will, not yours
  5. The church needs your testimony
  6. The temptation of injustice
  7. Communion: The Way of the Storm

9/8/2019 How the Church Acts: The Power of God’s Purpose
By Pastor Scott Hinsche

  1. “It’s not about you.” (1) of The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren
  2. Don’t sleep through your purpose
  3. Live among those you minister
  4. Serve the Lord
  5. Endure trials
  6. Do “not shrink from doing anything helpful
  7. Proclaim the Word
  8. Proclaim the Word to all
  9. Proclaim repentance & faith
  10. Be “captive to the Spirit”
  11. Head to your Jerusalem
  12. Don’t require certainty
  13. “persecutions are waiting

9/1/2019 How the Church Acts: Christians can’t Hate Conflict
By Pastor Scott Hinsche

  1. Christians shouldn’t love conflict
  2. Bible full of conflict
  3. Conflict happens
  4. Conflict can grow relationships
  5. Conflicts don’t kill relationships
  6. “took him aside
  7. Conflict can grow people
  8. Conflict can lead to change
  9. OK to leave some conflicts
  10. Don’t let conflict stop you
    1. When doing God’s will
  11. There is a real conflict with evil
  12. Conflict can lead to confession
  13. Talking about God can lead to conflict
  14. Conflict may require help
  15. Communion: the answer to conflict

8/18/2019 How the Church Acts: The Power of Prayer
By Pastor Scott Hinsche

8/11/2019 How the Church Acts: The New Guy
By Pastor Scott Hinsche

8/4/2019 How the Church Acts: On a Mission
By Pastor Scott Hinsche

7/22/2019 How the Church Acts: The Justice of God
By Pastor Scott Hinsche

  1. The justice of God:
    1. Powerful beyond our understanding
    2. Forever linked to His grace
  2. The justice of God in Acts 12:
    1. Freedom for captives
    2. Elimination of captors
  3. “The church prayed fervently
  4. God sometimes cuts it close
  5. Don’t look at your limitations, look at the Lord
  6. May our eyes be open for miracles of God
  7. The Way is not for the lazy
  8. We cannot do it on our own
  9. Communion: sacrificial justice

7/22/2019 How the Church Acts: The Impartiality of Peter
By Jake Moevao

7/14/2019 How the Church Acts: The Sight of Saul
By Pastor Scott Hinsche

  1. Must keep moving on The Way
  2. Questions > accusations
  3. Sometimes, see better w/ eyes closed
  4. Here I am, Lord”
  5. Don’t see people with your eyes
  6. God chooses people we may not
  7. Baptized after seeing
  8. God does shocking things
  9. God does not want us to see people for who they were;
    He wants us to see people for who they are in Him
  10. Church growth formula:
    1. Living in the fear of the Lord
    2. Living in the comfort of the Holy Spirit

7/7/2019 How the Church Acts: Don’t Play it Safe
By Pastor Scott Hinsche

  1. Great growth comes from great loss
  2. When the world tries to stop the church, God moves the church in the world
  3. Who’s your one?
  4. Don’t be intimidated by earthly power
  5. Get up and go
  6. When you listen to the Lord, awesome stuff can happen!
  7. Jesus includes those we may exclude
  8. Spirit-driven
  9. Listen 1st

Must earn honor of coming alongside someone on journey to Jesus

6/23/2019 How the Church Acts: Don’t Fight Against God
By Pastor Scott Hinsche

  1. Why sin against own body??
  2. Don’t keep back some from God
  3. Don’t lie to the Holy Spirit
  4. Satan’s lie: It’s all yours
  5. If you want to know whether you fear God, look at your bank account
  6. Holy Spirit for the obedient
  7. God’s plans don’t fail!!
  8. Where are you fighting against God?

My Plan

God’s Plan










6/16/2019 How the Church Acts: Healing & Testimony of the Bold Acts 3-4:31
By Pastor Scott Hinsche

  1. Hold onto the Lord
  2. Healing authority: God’s, not ours
  3. Witnesses in wonder
  4. Healing authority not human
  5. Jesus: God saves
  6. Don’t discount faith of the ill
  7. Teaching Jesus may annoy people
  8. Jesus: cornerstone
  9. Boldness of ordinary people
  10. Raise voices together to God
    1. Including on social media

6/9/2019 How the Church Acts: Spirited. Acts 2
By Pastor Scott Hinsche

  1. God wanted their attention
  2. “πνεῦμα”(pneuma): spirit, breath, wind
    1. Presence of God on Earth
  3. God still reaching out to Jews
  4. Spirit of outreach
  5. Spirit of communication
    1. Not confusion
  6. Spirit of worship
  7. Pentecost NOT a show
    1. A multilingual communication
  8. Church grew by saving people
    1. Are you open to nonbelievers?

6/2/2019 How the Church Acts: The Replacements. Acts 1
By Pastor Scott Hinsche

  1. Role of Holy Spirit: giver of instructions
  2. Patience of Jesus
  3. We need the Holy Spirit
  4. power of the Holy Spirit”
  5. Continued & united prayer
  6. Human desire God’s plan
  7. Pray then pick

5/26/2019 Memorial Day “JOY”
By Pastor Scott Hinsche

  1. JOY can be a decision, not just a reaction
  2. “the JOY of the LORD is your strength.” (Neh 8:10)
  3. JOY in God
  4. People seek idols for worldly joy
  5. Everyday is the Lord’ Day!
  6. JOY from Jesus
  7. JOY of salvation
  8. Pray for JOY
  9. Complete JOY:
    1. Bear fruit as disciples
    2. Abide in love of God
    3. Obedience to God’s commandments
  10. JOY from answered prayer

5/19/2019 Focus: “you are distracted by many things”
By Pastor Scott Hinsche

  1. Remember when we could FOCUS??
  2. Martha welcomed Jesus
    1. But then got distracted by other things
  3. Mary sat @ Jesus’ feet & listened
  4. Distraction: passive
  5. Distraction: chasing after the wind
  6. “If the devil cannot make us bad, he will make us busy.” (Corrie Ten Boom)
  7. Jesus cared more about Martha’s inside state of mind than her outside activities
  8. Word will feed inside needs
    1. That will fuel outside activities
  9. Focus on “down time”
  10. What will you choose to do next?

5/12/2019 How Does Your Garden Grow?
By Pastor Scott Hinsche

5/5/2019 Sunday of Service
By Pastor Scott Hinsche

  1. Gifted to serve
  2. Equipped to serve & mature
  3. Don’t shelve God’s good gifts









Tongue interpretation













  1. Serve for the Lord
  2. Service à Greatness
  3. Blessed to serve
  4. Don’t serve for credit here
  5. Tempted NOT to serve
  6. Are you coming to church to serve or be served?


            Church Ministry Service Areas










Communion Prep



Small groups


4/28/2019 Guilt V. Shame
By Pastor Scott Hinsche

  1. God created no bad people
  2. Guilt                   v           Shame

Knowing you did wrong

Knowing you are wrong



Tool of Holy Spirit

Tool of Satan

  1. Guilt: God will forgive
  2. Shame: NO, thanks be to Jesus Christ
  3. Godly Grief à Repentance à Salvation
  4. Everlasting joy shame
  5. Continued guilt: sin
  6. Can’t conceal guilt
  7. Repent: stop going wrong direction
  8. Shame of continued sin
  9. Shame of unresolved conflict

4/21/2019 Resurrection Sunday: Why are you weeping?
By Pastor Scott Hinsche

  1. 1st day of the week: Sabbath
    1. NOT: Monday
  2. Jesus lovers share
  3. Running towards Jesus?
  4. Called to be fearless
  5. Jesus wants us to go to NOT our own!
  6. How desperate are you to see Jesus?
  7. Jesus knows your name
  8. Don’t hold onto Jesus
    1. Share Jesus
  9. 1 natural way to remedy grief / depression: SERVICE

4/14/2019 Palm Sunday: The Incoming King
By Pastor Scott Hinsche

  1. Context is key
  2. A time for sprouting
  3. The Kingdom of heaven incoming
  4. What is your Hosanna cry today?
    1. ___________________________________________________________________
  5. Let Jesus enter your turmoil
  6. King Jesus overturns our sin
  7. Can’t follow King Jesus w/o faith sight
  8. Ask / pray in the name of the Lord Jesus
  9. Jesus: Kingdom come
  10. Jesus leads to praise of God

3/31/2019 Just Judges: Christian Compromise Judges
By Pastor Scott Hinsche

3/31/2019 Just Judges: When Strong Becomes Weak (Samson 2)
By Youth Pastor Hunter Hoover

3/24/2019 Just Judges: When Weak Becomes Strong (Samson 1)
By Pastor Scott Hinsche

  1. God of Creation: from nothing to something
  2. Nazirite: are you dedicated to God?
  3. Pray for confirmation
  4. Will you participate in God’s plan for your life?
  5. Don’t wait to recognize God
  6. Samson stirred by the Spirit: impel, push, disturb

3/17/2019 Just Judges: Judges & Grudges Ch. 10-12
By Pastor Scott Hinsche

  1. No grudges
  2. God remembers yet He doesn’t hold it against us
  3. God doesn’t hold grudges
  4. Jepthah: freed by God
  5. The Lord is the Judge
    1. So, are you letting the Lord decide??
  6. Don’t begrudge God’s good
  7. Combat grudges w/ kindness
  8. Lay grudges @ the cross
  9. We carry grudges alone
  10. Christ carries forgiveness with us

3/10/2019 Just Judges: When Good Goes Bad Judges Ch 8:22-Ch. 9
By Pastor Scott Hinsche

  1. “The Lord will rule over you” (8:23)
  2. Don’t take the bait
  3. We aren’t as strong as we think we are
  4. Don’t follow God for anyone other than God
  5. God doesn’t want to just be in our minds; He wants to be in our actions
  6. Human loyalty doesn’t last
  7. Careful who you hire
  8. Don’t pick a leader just b/c they are available; pick a leader b/c they are productive
  9. Only way out of the cycle of vengeance: SACRIFICE

3/3/2019 Just Judges: Leadership of the Least Judges 6:36-8:21
By Pastor Scott Hinsche

  1. All we have may be too many for God
  2. Fearless with God
  3. “less is more” with God
  4. God: “I will deliver you” (7:7)
  5. God can be so patient!!
  6. God’s Faith Test: Don’t Look; Listen!
    1. Where may God want you to look less & listen more??
      1. ______________________________________________________________­
    2. Worship 1st
    3. Only do it for the Lord
    4. Larger than life with God
    5. Enemy helped take itself out
    6. Too much for you??

2/24/2019 Just Judges: Leadership of the Least Judges 6
By Pastor Scott Hinsche

  1. When you’ve got nothing to lose…you’ve got everything to win
  2. Do you trust God with your enemies?
  3. Don’t fight back; cry out!
  4. To what other saviors are you looking?
  5. Are you listening to God?
  6. Don’t be surprised if God’s answer to your question involves you doing something
    1. _________________________________________________________________________
  7. Don’t focus on your weakness; focus on God’s strength
  8. Don’t be afraid to ask God for a sign…but don’t be surprised if it involves you giving up something
  9. God doesn’t want the thing; He wants your attention
  10. People follow “the least” leaders who follow God

2/17/2019 Just Judges: Calling All Leaders; Male & Female Judges 4 & 5
By Pastor Scott Hinsche

  1. God can use anyone willing
  2. We fall faster than we rise
  3. True leaders relay God’s commands
  4. Not for your glory
    1. “Good leaders pass the credit and take the blame.”
    2. “It is amazing what you can accomplish when you do not care who gets the credit.” Harry Truman
  5. Prepare for God to surprise you
  6. Let God confuse/panic your enemies
  7. Never ask anyone to lie for you

2/10/2019 Just Judges: Lack of Leadership Judges 2 & 3
By Pastor Scott Hinsche

  1. When the leaders worshiped God, the people worshiped God
  2. It’s easy to worship God when things are good
  3. No God, no protection
  4. Don’t march out without God
    1. Plans with no God are no good
  5. Leaders are only helpful if we listen to them
  6. STOP: lusting after more
  7. God feels sorry for suffering
  8. New judge: new mercy
  9. Repetitive sin is of the devil
  10. Bad pattern: We Sin -> We Suffer -> We cry to God -> God Saves us -> We Rest   -> We Sin etc……

2/3/2019 Just Judges: Failure to Finish Judges 1
By Pastor Scott Hinsche

  • 1. We are NOT Judges
  1. a. We are witnesses
  • 2. Ask God for leader
  • 3. History: His-story
  • 4. Don’t cut corners with God
  • 5. Eliminate, not try to control
  • 6. Tear down anything else that dominates your attention
  • 7. Obedience is easier than:
  1. a. Weeping
  2. b. Sacrificing

1/27/2019 Back to Basics: Care for the Lost
By Pastor Scott Hinsche

  1. Search like you lost them
  2. Find them for God, not you
  3. Who are the lost?
    1. Don’t know they are lost
    2. Know they are lost
  4. No one is good but God
  5. God seeks the lost
  6. Be lean sheep
  7. Jesus came for the lost
  8. The church is not a country club for the righteous
  9. Who is your ONE?
    1. ___________________________________________________________________
  10. Care for the lost: listen
  11. The power of good questions

1/20/2019 Back to Basics: Care for Prisoners
By Pastor Scott Hinsche

  1. Liberty / release to prisoners
  2. God knows prison ministry
  3. Remember prisoners
  4. Visit prisoners, visit Jesus
  5. Prisoner visitation
  6. Care for prisoner: listen
  7. Pray for prisoners
  8. Post-prison support

1/13/2019 Back to Basics: Care for Poor
By Pastor Scott Hinsche

  1. Always a need
  2. Lend to the Lord
  3. Give to lack nothing
  4. If you hear, God hears
  5. Kingdom care
  6. Feed poor, feed Jesus
  7. Give if asked
  8. Care for poor: listen

1/6/2019 Back to Basics: Care for Children
By Pastor Scott Hinsche

  1. 1st step: CHANGE
  2. 2nd step: “become like children
    1. Innocent
    2. Trusting
    3. Obedient
    4. Humble
  3. 3rd step: welcome
  4. Opportunities:
    1. Children’s Ministry
    2. Good News Club @ Sunrise Elementary School
    3. Casa de Fe mission trip Oct. 10-25, 2019
  5. Listen

12/30/2018 Tunnels of Life
By Pastor Scott Hinsche

12/23/2018 In the End: A New Beginning, Revelation 22
Come, Lord Jesus, Come!
By Pastor Scott Hinsche

12/16/2018 In the End: A New Beginning, Revelation 21 All Things New
By Pastor Scott Hinsche

  1. Questions to ponder:
    1. Color of new sky?
    2. Will it rain?
  2. Jerusalem matters
  3. God the Builder
  4. God @ Home w/ us
  5. No more:
    1. Death
    2. Mourning
    3. Crying
    4. Pain
  6. “All things new”
    1. Not: new things
    2. Only God can do this
  7. Nothing to hide
  8. All nations under God
  9. Always open

12/9/2018 In the End: A New Beginning, The Pits, Revelation 20
By Chris Zuniga from Casa De Fe Orphanage in Shell, Ecuador

12/2/2018 In the End: A New Beginning, White Horse Warrior, Revelation 19
By Pastor Scott Hinsche

  1. God is the only truly just judge
  2. Let God avenge
  3. Jesus the worship leader
  4. God taking the reins
  5. Marriage of the Lamb
  6. You are FORGIVEN
  7. Don’t worship angels
  8. We get to be prophets!
  9. Jesus: Faithful & True
  10. Jesus forever marked by His sacrifice
  11. Sharp sword: His Word

11/25/2018 In the End: A New Beginning, Justice and Grace, Revelation 18
By Elder Ben Atchley

11/18/2018 In the End: A New Beginning, Beauty and the Beast, Revelation 17
By Pastor Scott Hinsche

11/11/2018 In the End: A New Beginning, The Wrath of God, Revelation 15 & 16
By Pastor Scott Hinsche

11/4/2018 In the End: A New Beginning, The Harvest, Revelation 14
By Pastor Scott Hinsche

  1. Jesus, Lamb King
  2. Obedience still matters
    1. Where do you need to follow the Lamb??
    2. _________________________________
  3. Are you bright for God?
  4. Everyone suffers when you cheat on God
  5. Endurance help:
    1. Water stops
    2. Bring nourishment w/ you
    3. Encouragers
    4. Stretch
  6. Don’t try to grow alone
  7. Wrath of God: not God’s emotional response

10/28/2018 In the End: A New Beginning, The Beasts, Revelation 13
By Pastor Scott Hinsche

  1. “The greatest trick the devil ever played was convincing

the world that he did not exist.” Charles Baudelaire

  1. Single / double fulfillment
  2. The devil can NOT bring back to life
    1. Only God can!
  3. Speak small, love & do big
  4. Our truth combats enemy lies
  5. Evil makes good look good
  6. God knows the heart
  7. Called to endurance & faith

10/21/2018 In the End: A New Beginning, War in Heaven, Revelation 12
By Pastor Scott Hinsche

10/14/2018 In the End: A New Beginning, Revelation 10 & 11: Sweet and Sour
By Pastor Scott Hinsche

  1. OK not knowing?
  2. Cooperate with God
    1. Can be uncomfortable
    2. Nothing more rewarding
  3. Sweet à bitter
  4. May have to say things for God that some people don’t want to hear
  5. Nothing stopping God’s message
  6. People can be incredibly depraved
  7. Some lost
    1. Most saved
  8. Value of the Earth
  9. God keeping His Word

10/7/2018 In the End: A New Beginning, Revelation 8 & 9: Are you ready?
By Pastor Roro Eustache from Haitian Christian Outreach

9/30/2018 In the End: A New Beginning Revelation 6 & 7: Seals
By Pastor Scott Hinsche

9/23/2018 In the End: A New Beginning Revelation 4 & 5
Worship and the Word
By Pastor Scott Hinsche


  1. Say yes to God
  2. Throne a political statement
  3. No vision problems with God
  4. Casting crowns
  5. Worship is contagious
  6. God: Creator & Sustainer
  7. Blessed to open Bible
  8. Reminder: we are NOT worthy
  9. Your greatest testimony may be what you give up
  10. Worship about God, not us

9/16/2018 In the End; A New Beginning Revelation 2 & 3
A message to the Churches: Conquer by Endurance
By Pastor Scott Hinsche

  1. God’s race is not won quickly
  2. Don’t abandon agape love
  3. Don’t wait for 3rd chance!!!
  4. Hate the works, not the worker
  5. Never stop trying to get better
  6. Church can’t condone sin
  7. Be a pillar
  8. There has never been a perfect church
    1. About persistence, not perfection
  9. What is worse than discipline?
    1. Abandonment

9/9/2018 In the End: A New Beginning Revelation 1 Alpha and Omega
By: Pastor Scott Hinsche

  1. Singular, not plural
  2. Apocalypse: uncovering, disclosing, revealing
  3. Jesus: Ruler of kings
  4. Christian Kingdom
  5. Yes, you, a priest
  6. Jesus is God
  7. Almighty: this is no weak Jesus
  8. Jesus’ eyes of fire:
    1. Burn to core
    2. Refine what they see
    3. Warm what they contact

9/2/2018 Rest
By: Pastor Scott Hinsche

  1. God set example of rest
  2. Even land should rest
  3. Rhythm of work & rest
    1. No rest, no rhythm
  4. Especially when busy
  5. Rest may require solitude
  6. Sometimes, the most important thing you can do is: nothing
  7. Responsible for rest of those near you
  8. Rest requires trust
  9. Not resting = disobedience
  10. “He makes me lie down in green pastures.” (Psa 23:2)
  11. You must give Jesus your heavy burdens
    1. __________________________________________________

8/26/2018 Shalom: OK with God When All is NOT OK
By: Pastor Scott Hinshce

  1. Disciples follow Jesus
  2. Fear inversely correlated w/ faith
  3. “leaving the crowd behind”
  4. If your boat is filling with water, you have a choice:
    1. Watch the water
    2. Watch the Lord
  5. He may want you to sleep through the storm, too…
  6. great storm à great calm
    1. All because of Jesus
  7. Your fear reveals your faith
  8. Let Jesus use your lows to take you higher
  9. Life is not safe
  10. Just because you’re uncomfortable doesn’t mean Jesus isn’t with you
  11. Shalom: completeness, soundness, welfare, peace
    1. Peace yes, but not necessarily a lack of conflict

6/17/2018 Bound by Truth Fueled by Love
By Pastor Scott Hinsche

  1. 2 Main Themes of Bible:
    1. Love
    2. Justice
  2. Don’t choose sides!
    1. Must walk both love & justice
  3. Love 1st & justice foundation
  4. Love hears & justice saves
  5. Lord delights in love & justice
  6. Love & justice required
  7. New Testament: The other cheek of love & justice
  8. Need both love & truth
    1. Can’t define love w/o truth
    2. Can’t spread truth w/o love
  9. Without justice, no need Jesus
  10. DO LOVE

6/10/2018 Galatians 6 – Relationship
By Pastor Scott Hinsche

  1. Work well with others
  2. Restore gently
    1. NOT: ignore loudly
  3. Reap what you sow
  4. When in doubt, do what benefits most
  5. See all things as new in Christ
  6. God can handle your wrestling

6/3/2018 Galatians 5 – Legalism, License and Liberty
By Youth Pastor Hunter Hoover

5/20/2018 Galatians 3 – Law and Spirit
By Pastor Scott Hinsche

  1. Give your self for your creation
  2. Let Spirit finish God’s work in you
  3. Not right works but right belief
  4. You are in whom you believe
  5. Promise before law
  6. We have laws because people got hurt
  7. Law is not bad
    1. It leads us to the cross

5/13/2018 Galatians – Rebuke: Galatians 2
By Pastor Scott Hinsche

  1. Don’t run without grace
  2. Point out problems in private (Mat. 18:15)
  3. Saved by Jesus regardless of background
  4. Freedom in Christ
  5. Freedom from others
  6. Know your audience
    1. You à _____________________
  7. Recognized by grace
  8. Hypocrisy hinders the gospel
  9. Hypocrisy hurts the church
  10. Justified by faith

5/6/2018 Galatians – Defense of Divinity – Galatians:1
By Pastor Scott Hinsche

  1. Apostle: one sent
    1. Are you sent by God / other??
  2. Church not limited to building
  3. No other gospel
  4. Adding to gospel ruins it
  5. Who are you trying to please?
    1. People
    2. Christ
  6. For whom are you zealous?
    1. Christ
    2. Traditions of ancestors
  7. Be careful with whom you confer
  8. Do we have room for former persecutors??
    1. Are we a church for unchurched people??

4/29/2018 Seasons – Winter John 10:22-39
By Pastor Scott Hinsche

  1. Some people just won’t listen
  2. So, stop talking & start living
  3. Hearers follow
  4. Ask: How can God use this?
  5. Winter witness: perhaps the most powerful

4/22/2018 Seasons – Fall Jeremiah 8:18-9:24
By Pastor Scott Hinsche

  1. Cry out for each other
  2. Choose wisely: bad choices in Spring make for bad results in harvest
  3. Necessity of breaks
  4. Necessity of truth
  5. To love God is to know God
  6. Testing > giving up
  7. Sometimes, God’s stated judgment is an UNLESS
  8. OK to cry
  9. Boast in understanding/knowing the Lord

4/15/2018 Seasons – Summer Exodus 16
By Scott Bradley of 5Rock Ranch

4/8/2018 Seasons – Spring Mathew 13:1-23
By Pastor Scott Hinsche

  1. Parables are both light & heavy
  2. Sowing time
    1. Careful where you sow
      1. Path
      2. Rocky ground
      3. Thorns
      4. Good soil
  1. Take time to listen / review
  2. Everyone loves a good story
  3. Are those around you looking more like Christ or staying the same?
  4. When in Spring
    1. Be intentional
    2. “Don’t peak in high school”
    3. Avoid thorns
    4. Stay rooted in the Word
    5. Tell “your” story

4/1/2018 Resurrection Sunday!
The Day God & Jesus fooled the Evil One & Death (Mark 16)
By Pastor Scott Hinsche

  1. Stress less, pray more
  2. Have to seek Jesus
  3. Ask God to raise you
  4. Fear inhibits our witness
  5. Show them Jesus!!
  6. Long-suffering of Jesus
  7. Help make a fool of Satan
  8. Proclaim the good news
    1. The Lord will:
      1. Work with us
      2. Confirm message w/ signs

3/25/2018 Jews for Jesus-A call to share the Gospel with All Romans 1:16-17
By Yoel Ben David from Jews for Jesus

3/18/2018 In the Beginning-The Promised Son-Genesis 17,18,20,21,22
By Pastor Scott Hinsche

  1. If you want someone to stay, serve them
  2. Don’t see as world sees
  3. Careful with even your internal feelings about God
  4. “Is anything beyond YHWH?” (Gen. 18:14)
  5. Don’t let fear make you lie
  6. God keeps His promises
    1. Even when we don’t
  7. God does the unbelievable
  8. God gave up His Son for ours

3/11/2018 In the Beginning-The Other-Genesis 16
By Pastor Scott Hinsche

  1. Be careful blaming God
  2. It may not have happened YET, but God may be up to something…
  3. Don’t panic
  4. Waiting on God is not easy, but it is better than trying to go around Him
  5. Be careful calling for God’s justice
  6. Passive can be bad for marriage
  7. God keeps His promises
  8. God hearkens to the cries of the hurting
  9. God sees you
  10. Jesus came for the other (Luke 5:31-32)
    1. How are we calling the sick sinner?

3/4/2018 In the Beginning-Abram-Genesis 12-15
By Pastor Scott Hinsche

  1. Test of faith
  2. Blessed to bless others
  3. A lie is never OK
  4. Fear makes us do awful things
  5. Don’t wait to trust in God
  6. Justified by faith
  7. God’s justice can take time
  8. God of the not quite yet

2/25/2018 In the Beginning- The Great Scattering- Genesis 10-11
By Pastor Scott Hinsche

  1. Don’t settle with God
  2. Don’t absorb differences
  3. Don’t build / make for ourselves
  4. Don’t build ourselves up
  5. Not about our name: make a name for God
  6. God does not want us to do it alone
  7. God is not cruel; He is a perfect parent
  8. If confused à need God
  9. God scatters so He leads
  10. Not about building up, but spreading out
  11. Scatter, seek diversity

2/18/2018 In the Beginning- A Covenant and a Covering- Genesis 9
By Pastor Scott Hinsche

  1. Bear fruit: God wants us productive
  2. We don’t have the right to take away God’s image
  3. God of 2nd chances
  4. Reclaim the Rainbow
  5. Scatter: God doesn’t do cliques
  6. Confront sin/mistake directly
  7. Love covers
  8. A lesson in service
  9. Those who serve each other dwell well with each other

2/11/2018 In the Beginning-Genesis 7 & 8-The Deluge
By Pastor Scott Hinsche

  1. God is with you!!!
  2. Don’t delay when God calls
  3. All about obedience
    1. Not about who Noah was
    2. Not about how Noah felt
  4. Seek protection before the rain
  5. Waiting on God can be uncomfortable
  6. What door is God closing for you?
    1. ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­___________________________
  7. Waiting builds patience
  8. God/Noah allowed time for growth
  9. Noah was careful
  10. Noah waited on God

2/4/2018- In the Beginning-Genesis 6- Standing Out
By Pastor Scott Hinsche

  1. Things go bad fast!!
  2. Don’t forget the spiritual realm
  3. God did not want us hurting each other
  4. Human evil pains God’s inmost being
  5. Why Noah?
    1. Righteous
    2. Wholehearted
    3. Walked w/ God
  6. Covenant: agreement unbroken by God
  7. Do all the God commanded

1/21/2018- In the Beginning-Genesis 4- Brotherhood
By Pastor Scott Hinsche

  1. Childbirth helps relate to YHWH
  2. 1st & best: God doesn’t want your leftovers
  3. Give in secret
  4. Don’t get momentum the wrong direction
  5. God is not as concerned about the ripeness of your fruit as He is about the ripeness of your heart
  6. Rule over sin, not your brother/sister
  7. We are keepers of our brothers and sisters
  8. Murder usurps the authority of God
  9. Alienation from God fear of men

1/21/2018 – In the Beginning – Genesis 3 – Disobedience
By Pastor Scott Hinsche

  1. Do NOT discount evil!
  2. Cannot stretch the truth
  3. Sin begins with a lie
  4. May God govern our desire
  5. What are you covering up?
    1. __________________________________
  6. What are you covering up with?
    1. __________________________________
  7. Blame game
    1. Other
    2. God
    3. Self
  8. Responsibility game
    1. Self
    2. God / Satan
    3. Other
  9. Wise up:
    1. God’s Word
    2. God’s character
    3. Need for others
  10. Sin has consequences

1/14/2018 – In the Beginning – Creation 2.0 – Genesis 2:4b-25
By Pastor Scott Hinsche

  1. Purpose: till the soil
  2. God formed us
  3. We are human when we begin to breathe
  4. We were created for pleasure
  5. Earth: work it & watch it
    1. Take care of it
    2. Enjoy it
    3. Guard it
  6. Tree of knowing of good & evil
  7. Given a choice
  8. “It is not good for the human to be alone.” (Gen. 2:18)
  9. Leave & cling
  10. Naked & unashamed

1/7/2018 – In the Beginning – Creation – Genesis 1-2:4a
By Pastor Scott Hinsche

  1. God spoke into Creation
  2. God’s creation is self-replicating
  3. Obedience of the Earth
  4. Are we reviewing everything we do and say to ensure that it is good?
  5. Do we let God set the rhythm of our lives?
  6. YOU are recessed lighting
    1. So, shine!!
  7. God creates in community
  8. Creation care
  9. We are most like God when with opposite sex
  10. Work finished, rest begins
  11. Cease: active stopping
  12. What are you creating?

12/31/17 – Outside Consultant: Don’t Go It Alone – Exodus 18
By Pastor Scott Hinsche

(no sermon notes)

“Christmas Steps” – The Birth of Jesus – Luke 2:1-20
By Pastor Scott Hinsche

(no sermon notes)

“Christmas Steps” – The Birth Of John – Luke 1:57-80
By Pastor Scott Hinsche


  1. Neighbors & relatives: Do they know what the Lord has done for you?
  2. God makes us part of larger family
  3. Obedience à witness
  4. Pondered: heard in the heart
  5. Redeemed: made a ransom
  6. God kept His Word; so should we
  7. Act of forgiveness: sending away, liberation, deliverance from captivity

“Christmas Steps” – The Prophecy of Jesus – Luke 1:26-56
By Pastor Scott Hinsche

  1. Virgin (“parthenon”): from strength
  2. Sex = knowledge
  3. Don’t fear unexpected
  4. Gotta be flexible with God
  5. Grace: an undeserved gift
  6. Pray your impossibility
    1. ________________________________
  7. The witness of shared experience: share your story
  8. Blessed to believe
  9. God uses the humble
  10. Danger of pride

“Christmas Steps” – The Prophecy of John – Luke 1:5-25

By Pastor Scott Hinsche

  • Don’t give up: God’s “late” may be right on time
  • God stirring things up can be a good thing
  • Gotta talk to God for Him to hear you
  • John: YHWH has been gracious / shown favor
  • “Great in the sight of the Lord”
  • Trust does not imply full understanding
  • God shines when we can’t
  • Doubt God at your own risk
  • Voice of doubt muted

By Pastor Scott Hinsche

  1. Vision: place of seeing, what is seen, light, window
  2. Let God be your eyes
  3. Genesis 15 vision
    1. “Do not be afraid” (1)
    2. From God, not us
    3. “Look toward heaven
    4. Believe à righteousness
    5. Do something
    6. Sleep on it
  4. Acts 9:10-19 vision
    1. Often to: disciples / followers
    2. But not always…
    3. “Get up and go” (11)
    4. May send you to nonbelievers
    5. Follow the vision instructions
    6. May change someone (and you)
  5. “Was that a vision from God?”
    1. Not always easy to discern
    2. From or consistent w/ God’s Word
    3. Lasting / memorable
    4. Stirring
  6. Jesus is the lens

Abide – Study of John’s Letters (7 of 7) – 3 John – Hospitality
By Pastor Scott Hinsche

  1. The world gets hospitality wrong
    1. Wrong: about ME
    2. Right: about YOU
  2. There is false love
  3. Faithfulness to the truth
  4. Welcome STRANGERS
  5. Church hospitality: greeters
  6. Hospitality without complaint
  7. Vulnerability of hospitality
  8. Don’t put yourself first
  9. Fellowship welcomes others
  10. Face to face

Abide – Study of John’s Letters (6 of 7) – 2 John – Truth and Love
By Assoc. Pastor Roger Younger

  • Truth defines love
  • The Mission of the Church:
  • Truth & Love are
  • You must have balance
  • Do you love Christ?
  • Do you obey Christ?
  • Love IS the discipline

Abide – Study of John’s Letters (5 of 7) – 1 John 5 – Live, Love & Conquer
By Pastor Scott Hinsche

To view the video clip that was embedded in this sermon simply go to:

  1. Love by obedience
    1. God’s law à God’s love
  2. Must believe in something beyond this world
  3. Spirit is proof that God still cares
  4. The Big 3 that testify:
    1. Spirit: voice of God
    2. Water: cleansing by God
    3. Blood: sacrifice of God
  5. Jesus is not life insurance; Jesus is life assurance
  6. When we sin, we acknowledge Satan has power over the world
  7. “keep yourselves from idols” (21)

Abide – Study of John’s Letters (4 of 7) – 1 John 4 – Testing the Spirit
By Pastor Scott Hinsche

  1. Don’t believe everything you hear/read
  2. Listeners wanted
  3. Jesus is divisive
  4. Agape love: undeserved
    1. NOT: “chemistry”
    2. 1st love
    3. God’s love as source
  5. God’s love as God seen
  6. Don’t need to worry yourself if you give yourself for others
  7. No fear in love
  8. No love in fear
  9. No pride in love
    1. Love is planted in humility
  10. Cannot love God & hate His children

Abide – Study of John’s Letters (3 of 7) – 1 John 3 – Children of God
By Pastor Scott Hinsche

Abide – Study of John’s Letters (2 of 7) – 1 John 2 – Live the Truth
By Elder Ben Atchley

  1. You cannot abide until you have been redeemed.
  2. There are two kinds of forgiveness
    1. The first has to do with your position in Christ.
    2. The second has to do with your relationship with Christ.
  3. Keeping short accounts:
    1. With God
    2. With others
    3. With ourselves
  4. Walking in the light
  5. Walking in the world
  6. Walking in the truth
  7. Walking the walk

Abide – Study of John’s Letters (1 of 7) – 1 John 1 – Test for Fellowship
By Pastor Scott Hinsche

  1. Abide:
    1. Bear patiently
    2. Endure without yielding
    3. Wait for
    4. Accept without objection
    5. Remain stable or fixed in a state
    6. Continue in a place
  2. Fellowship of sharing gospel
  3. Jesus @ center of relationships
  4. Joy from faith of others
  5. Joy of your Master
  6. Joy fulfilled later
  7. We start in the dark
  8. Shine light in the dark
  9. Hypocrisy: Say in light but walk in dark
  10. Truth:
    1. We are sinners
    2. We make mistakes
    3. We are forgiven
  11. Perfectionism is a problem

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