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9/20/2020 Spiritual Gifts Overview
 By: Preaching Elder Ben Atchley

1 Corinthians 12
Gifts of Manifestation
Word of Wisdom                                                Prophecy
Word of Knowledge                                           Discerning Spirits
Faith                                                                     Tongues
Healings                                                               Interpretation of Tongues
Ephesians 4:4-16
Gifts of Ministry
Romans 12: 1-8
Gifts of Motivation
Prophecy                                                             Giving
Serving                                                                 Leadership
Teaching                                                              Mercy

9/6/2020 Snapshot of Peter: The Persecution of Peter
 By: Preaching Elder Ben Atchley

8/30/2020 Snapshot of Peter Mathew 16:8-30
 By: Preaching Elder Ben Atchley

8/23/2020 Romans 14 Freedom & the weaker brother
 By: Youth Pastor Hunter Hoover

8/16/2020 Snapshot of Peter Acts 10
 By: Preaching Elder Ben Atchley

Due to technical difficulties we do not have a video of this week.

8/9/2020 Snapshot of Peter: The Calling of Peter, John 1:35-42
 By: Preaching Elder Ben Atchley

Peter was not an instant disciple.
God will use you to reach your family for Christ.
God will use you to reach your friends for Christ.
Jesus is a personal Savior.
Jesus changed Peter’s name.
God calls us to service together

8/2/2020 Snapshot of Peter: Peter Walks on Water, Mathew 14:22-33
 By: Preaching Elder Ben Atchley

Jesus sent them into the storm!
Don’t ask “Why?”, ask “What?”.
Jesus let them struggle in the storm.
In the midst of your storm where is your focus?
Everyone in the boat was invited.
What would you do for God if you knew you could not fail?
Peter walked on water.

7/19/2020 Philippians 4:1-9 Stand Firm 
 By: Preaching Elder Ben Atchley

Learn to live in contentment.
Learn to be a giver.
Learn to receive gracefully.
Learn to be hospitable.

7/19/2020 Philippians 4:1-9 Stand Firm 
 By: Preaching Elder Ben Atchley

Live in harmony in the Lord.
Live joyfully in the Lord.
Live prayerfully in the Lord.
Live thoughtfully in the Lord.

7/12/2020 Philippians 3:1-21 Moving Forward with God 
 By: Preaching Elder Ben Atchley

Rejoice in the Lord
Put no confidence in the flesh.
Salvation is by Grace through faith alone!
You have been “laid hold” of by Christ Jesus.
We are to press on!
Keep your eyes on the finish line.

7/5/2020 Philippians 2:1-18 Humility, the Heart of the Church 
 By: Preaching Elder Ben Atchley

Humility is the key!
So, then! Work out your salvation.
“Do all things without grumbling or disputing.”
Attitude is everything.
We are the light of the world!

6/28/2020 Philippians 1:20-30, Better Together
 By: Preaching Elder Ben Atchley

6/21/2020 Philippians 1:12-20, Adversity=Opportunity
 By: Preaching Elder Ben Atchley

6/7/2020 The Importance of Religion
 By: Youth Pastor Hunter Hoover

5/31/2020 Joshua’s Farewell Adress
 By: Preaching Elder Ben Atchley

5/24/2020 Joshua 
 By: Preaching Elder Ben Atchley

5/17/2020 Joshua 20 Cities of Refuge
 By: Preaching Elder Ben Atchley

A City of Refuge is appointed by God.
It should be a place that is welcoming.
It is a place that welcomes everyone.
It is not a place of judgement.
We can be forgiven for the penalty of sin,
 but we must still deal with the consequences of sin.
The safest place to be is in the City of Refuge.
The Blood Avenger and the Kinsman Redeemer are the same person!

5/10/2020 Joshua 14-15 Requesting & Receiving a Blessing from God
 By: Preaching Elder Ben Atchley

It’s all in your point of view
10 of them allowed WHAT they saw, to overwhelm their faith in WHO they knew!
“He followed the Lord God fully.”
Having faith in God in every circumstance.
Having a vision for what God can do through you.

5/3/2020 Joshua 10-11 Conquering the battles in your life
 By: Preaching Elder Ben Atchley

The battle is in the spiritual realm.
The battle is for the mind.
The battle is for our Faith.
What do you need to “utterly destroy” in your life?
What giant in your life is keeping you from moving forward?
The battle is the Lord’s!

4/26/2020 Joshua 9-10 A Deceiver in our midst
 By: Preaching Elder Ben Atchley

The enemy of my enemy is my friend.
They did not ask the counsel of the Lord.
Sometimes God asks us to do hard things.
Sometimes God does the hard things for us.

4/19/2020  True Forgiveness- Moving on from our past
 By: Youth Pastor Hunter Hoover

4/12/2020 Easter Sunday: From Death Comes Life Part 2 
 By: Preaching Elder Ben Atchley

4/05/2020 Palm Sunday: From Death Comes Life Part 1
 By: Preaching Elder Ben Atchley

3/29/2020 Joshua 7:1-8:35
 By: Preaching Elder Ben Atchley

Sin seldom effects just __________
Joshua failed to _______ God about his plans
Failing to consult God can be ______
We need to have a _______________to failure
If we sin, we are called to _______ and ______
Sin cost Achan __________
The Bible is always ________

3/22/2020 Joshua 5:11-6:21 Undeniably God 
 By: Preaching Elder Ben Atchley

God expects us to feed ourselves when we can.
Theophany: A visible manifestation to humankind of God.
Joshua had learned to trust God’s plan.
God thinks outside the box.
God had them march silently.
There will come a time to Shout.

3/15/2020 Joshua 3:1-5:12 Preparing for God to Move
 By: Preaching Elder Ben Atchley

Preparing for God to Move
Why do we have to wait on the Lord?
God is always right on time.
You have not passed this way before.
God went before them.
Build memories for those who come behind you.
They had to restore the covenant

3/8/2020 Joshua 2:1-24 Rahab: From Harlot to Heroine
 By: Preaching Elder Ben Atchley

Rahab: From Harlot to Heroine
(How God uses unbelievers to further His Kingdom)
God used Rahab even though she was a sinner.
God knew the heart of Rahab.
You can choose to either soften or harden your heart toward God.
God knew the fear of Rahab.
God knew the Faith of Rahab.
God spared Rahab in the midst of the destruction.
God had a plan for Rahab.
God is more interested in your future than He is in your past.

3/1/2020 Joshua 1:1-18 Be Strong and Courageous
 By: Preaching Elder Ben Atchley

2/23/2020 Lent: Principles for Spiritual Practice
 By: Youth Pastor Hunter Hoover

2/16/2020 The Last Days James 5:1-20
 By: Preaching Elder Ben Atchley

Riches: We leave it all behind!
How should we view money?
How should we live in the Last Days?
Stand firm in your Faith!
The effective prayer of a righteous man can accomplish much.

2/9/2020 Humility James 4:1-17
 By: Preaching Elder Ben Atchley

The source of conflict is selfish ambition, which comes from using earthly wisdom.
What is your motive in prayer?
Which of your friends are influencing you?
How do we find Humility?
GOD is God and I am not.
If you are not feeling close to God, guess who moved?
One Another” your way to humility.
Show humility by inviting God into our plans.

2/2/2020 Earthly Wisdom or Heavenly Wisdom James 3:13-18
 By: Preaching Elder Ben Atchley

Earthly Wisdom or Heavenly Wisdom

Heavenly Wisdom is viewing the World from God’s perspective, which results in doing good deeds.
There are two ways to find something that is pure:
1. You go to the original source.
2. You refine it until all the impurities are gone.
Romans 12:18
If possible, so far as it depends on you, be at peace with all men.
Jesus is a gentleman.  He is not going to barge in where He is not invited.
Showing Mercy is not giving someone the punishment they deserve.
Good Fruits are those good deeds you do for someone who has not earned them.
The benefits of Heavenly Wisdom

1/26/2020 Taming the Tongue James 3:1-12
 By: Preaching Elder Ben Atchley

1/19/2020 Partiality, Judgement or Mercy, Faith & Works James 2:1-26
 By: Preaching Elder Ben Atchley

James challenges our motives in how we treat people.

“How does God get the glory?”

How we speak to people is just as important as what we speak to them.

God will use you to do great things, if you are not concerned about who gets the credit.

Mercy triumphs over judgement.

Mercy is not getting what you deserve.

God created us for good works and He prepared them for us to do.

People need to see the Gospel in action, so they can then hear the Gospel spoken.

1/12/2020 Temptation, Talking the Talk & Walking the Walk James 1:12-27
 By: Preaching Elder Ben Atchley

Temptation does not come from God.

Satan will get you to believe what is good to keep you from experiencing God’s best.

We have a responsibility to resist temptation.       

The solution is the Word of Truth

How we speak to people is just as important as what we speak to them.

The question is who are we reflecting.

1/5/2020 Testing our Faith
 By: Preaching Elder Ben Atchley

Happiness is a reaction to happenings.

Joy is the peace we have in knowing Who is in control.

When God gives Wisdom, He gives it generously.

Our Confidence is in God.

Our Value is in Christ.

The solution to temptation is the Word of Truth!

12/29/2019 Being the One: Six Commitments for 2020
 By: Preaching Elder Ben Atchley

Commitment #1 Memorizing One verse a month together as a church.

Commitment #2 Read the entire Bible in one year.

Commitment #3 Have a specific time of prayer One time a day.

Commitment #4 Serve somewhere in the church One hour a month.

Commitment #5 Be in a faith relationship with One person.

Commitment #6 Begin a relationship with One unbeliever.

12/22/2019 Colors of Christmas “White” Purity/Holiness
 By: Pastor Scott Hinsche and Preaching Elder Ben Atchley

12/15/2019 Colors of Christmas “White” Purity/Holiness
 By: Pastor Scott Hinsche


12/8/2019 Colors of Christmas “Red” Stress/Anger
 By: Pastor Scott Hinsche

12/1/2019 Colors of Christmas “Green” New Life
 By: Pastor Scott Hinsche

11/24/2019 Thankfulness
 By: Pastor Scott Hinsche

  1. Pride inhibits thankfulness
  2. We all start with nothing
  3. Respect aids thankfulness
  4. You may have to go out of your way to thank God (and others)
  5. Praise God @ Feet of Jesus
  6. FELL @ Jesus’ Feet
  7. Thankful outsider
  8. Don’t be so happy with what you’ve been given you forget The Giver
  9. Spoiled not thankful
  10. Gratitude à Faith
  11. Gratitude gets us going
  12. Gratitude fuels worship

11/17/2019 Journey with Joel: Future Hope, Joel 3
 By: Pastor Scott Hinsche

  1. From lament to hope
  2. Spirit as guide
  3. God of notice
  4. God of restoration
  5. A time for everything
  6. Take refuge in Him as you wait

11/10/2019 Journey with Joel: Rend your heart, not your clothing. Joel 2
 By: Pastor Scott Hinsche

  1. After lament à repent
  2. If Jesus returned tomorrow, what would He find you doing??
  3. It’s not too late to turn to God
  4. May we break our hearts
  5. If you believe in Him, are you following Him??
  6. Appeal to God’s character
  7. Don’t forget God in the good

11/3/2019 Journey with Joel: Joel 1 Lament
 By: Pastor Scott Hinsche

  1. Don’t lament quietly!
  2. grumbling v. complaining
  3. Listen before hope
  4. Do NOT “drown your sorrows”
  5. Sackcloth: a reminder to mourn
  6. Don’t lament alone
  7. Don’t just cry out; CHANGE

10/27/2019 Got More? A Call to Christian Maturity
 By: Pastor Scott Hinsche

  1. “got milk?”
    1. _____________________________________________________________________
    2. _____________________________________________________________________
    3. _____________________________________________________________________
    4. _____________________________________________________________________
  2. Danger of listening to the World
  3. Word > World
  4. Solid food > milk
  5. Signs of immaturity:
    1. jealousy
    2. quarreling
    3. Are you doing what you want to do or what God wants you to do??
  6. Who are you teaching God’s Word??
  7. Does your wisdom sound like the world or the Word??
  8. Maturity is unity
  9. How often are you saying, “Jesus”??
  10. Wrestling in prayer for others
  11. Are you saying “Christian” or doing Christian??
  12. Are you daily praying for cross to carry??
  13. Are you joyful / sad / mad about your trials??
  14. Are you open to God’s correction??
  15. Are people around you becoming more like Christ or more like the world??


10/20/2019 How the Church Acts: Living Victory
 By: Youth Pastor Hunter Hoover

10/13/2019 How the Church Acts: The Safety of a Shipwreck
 By: Pastor Scott Hinsche

10/6/2019 How the Church Acts: Defending the Faith
By: Elder Ben Atchley 

9/29/2019 How the Church Acts: Waiting’s not Easy
 By: Pastor Scott Hinsche

  1. Patience of God’s presence
  2. If you don’t wait, you might miss the good stuff
  3. Faith requires patience
  4. Patience: long-suffering
  5. The power of God’s patience
  6. Need God’s strength for patience
  7. Be patient with all
  8. Patience: fruit of Spirit
  9. “Love is patient” (1 Cor 13:4)
    1. So, we cannot be impatient & loving

9/15/2019 How the Church Acts: Into the Eye of the Storm
 By: Pastor Scott Hinsche

  1. Self-preservation v. Christ’s self-loss
  2. Spirit-check: Word of God
  3. If God called you to go somewhere hard, would you go??
  4. Pray for God’s will, not yours
  5. The church needs your testimony
  6. The temptation of injustice
  7. Communion: The Way of the Storm

9/8/2019 How the Church Acts: The Power of God’s Purpose
By Pastor Scott Hinsche

  1. “It’s not about you.” (1) of The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren
  2. Don’t sleep through your purpose
  3. Live among those you minister
  4. Serve the Lord
  5. Endure trials
  6. Do “not shrink from doing anything helpful
  7. Proclaim the Word
  8. Proclaim the Word to all
  9. Proclaim repentance & faith
  10. Be “captive to the Spirit”
  11. Head to your Jerusalem
  12. Don’t require certainty
  13. “persecutions are waiting

9/1/2019 How the Church Acts: Christians can’t Hate Conflict
By Pastor Scott Hinsche

  1. Christians shouldn’t love conflict
  2. Bible full of conflict
  3. Conflict happens
  4. Conflict can grow relationships
  5. Conflicts don’t kill relationships
  6. “took him aside
  7. Conflict can grow people
  8. Conflict can lead to change
  9. OK to leave some conflicts
  10. Don’t let conflict stop you
    1. When doing God’s will
  11. There is a real conflict with evil
  12. Conflict can lead to confession
  13. Talking about God can lead to conflict
  14. Conflict may require help
  15. Communion: the answer to conflict

8/18/2019 How the Church Acts: The Power of Prayer
By Pastor Scott Hinsche

8/11/2019 How the Church Acts: The New Guy
By Pastor Scott Hinsche

8/4/2019 How the Church Acts: On a Mission
By Pastor Scott Hinsche

7/22/2019 How the Church Acts: The Justice of God
By Pastor Scott Hinsche

  1. The justice of God:
    1. Powerful beyond our understanding
    2. Forever linked to His grace
  2. The justice of God in Acts 12:
    1. Freedom for captives
    2. Elimination of captors
  3. “The church prayed fervently
  4. God sometimes cuts it close
  5. Don’t look at your limitations, look at the Lord
  6. May our eyes be open for miracles of God
  7. The Way is not for the lazy
  8. We cannot do it on our own
  9. Communion: sacrificial justice

7/22/2019 How the Church Acts: The Impartiality of Peter
By Jake Moevao

7/14/2019 How the Church Acts: The Sight of Saul
By Pastor Scott Hinsche

  1. Must keep moving on The Way
  2. Questions > accusations
  3. Sometimes, see better w/ eyes closed
  4. Here I am, Lord”
  5. Don’t see people with your eyes
  6. God chooses people we may not
  7. Baptized after seeing
  8. God does shocking things
  9. God does not want us to see people for who they were;
    He wants us to see people for who they are in Him
  10. Church growth formula:
    1. Living in the fear of the Lord
    2. Living in the comfort of the Holy Spirit

7/7/2019 How the Church Acts: Don’t Play it Safe
By Pastor Scott Hinsche

  1. Great growth comes from great loss
  2. When the world tries to stop the church, God moves the church in the world
  3. Who’s your one?
  4. Don’t be intimidated by earthly power
  5. Get up and go
  6. When you listen to the Lord, awesome stuff can happen!
  7. Jesus includes those we may exclude
  8. Spirit-driven
  9. Listen 1st

Must earn honor of coming alongside someone on journey to Jesus

6/23/2019 How the Church Acts: Don’t Fight Against God
By Pastor Scott Hinsche

  1. Why sin against own body??
  2. Don’t keep back some from God
  3. Don’t lie to the Holy Spirit
  4. Satan’s lie: It’s all yours
  5. If you want to know whether you fear God, look at your bank account
  6. Holy Spirit for the obedient
  7. God’s plans don’t fail!!
  8. Where are you fighting against God?

My Plan

God’s Plan










6/16/2019 How the Church Acts: Healing & Testimony of the Bold Acts 3-4:31
By Pastor Scott Hinsche

  1. Hold onto the Lord
  2. Healing authority: God’s, not ours
  3. Witnesses in wonder
  4. Healing authority not human
  5. Jesus: God saves
  6. Don’t discount faith of the ill
  7. Teaching Jesus may annoy people
  8. Jesus: cornerstone
  9. Boldness of ordinary people
  10. Raise voices together to God
    1. Including on social media

6/9/2019 How the Church Acts: Spirited. Acts 2
By Pastor Scott Hinsche

  1. God wanted their attention
  2. “πνεῦμα”(pneuma): spirit, breath, wind
    1. Presence of God on Earth
  3. God still reaching out to Jews
  4. Spirit of outreach
  5. Spirit of communication
    1. Not confusion
  6. Spirit of worship
  7. Pentecost NOT a show
    1. A multilingual communication
  8. Church grew by saving people
    1. Are you open to nonbelievers?

6/2/2019 How the Church Acts: The Replacements. Acts 1
By Pastor Scott Hinsche

  1. Role of Holy Spirit: giver of instructions
  2. Patience of Jesus
  3. We need the Holy Spirit
  4. power of the Holy Spirit”
  5. Continued & united prayer
  6. Human desire God’s plan
  7. Pray then pick

5/26/2019 Memorial Day “JOY”
By Pastor Scott Hinsche

  1. JOY can be a decision, not just a reaction
  2. “the JOY of the LORD is your strength.” (Neh 8:10)
  3. JOY in God
  4. People seek idols for worldly joy
  5. Everyday is the Lord’ Day!
  6. JOY from Jesus
  7. JOY of salvation
  8. Pray for JOY
  9. Complete JOY:
    1. Bear fruit as disciples
    2. Abide in love of God
    3. Obedience to God’s commandments
  10. JOY from answered prayer

5/19/2019 Focus: “you are distracted by many things”
By Pastor Scott Hinsche

  1. Remember when we could FOCUS??
  2. Martha welcomed Jesus
    1. But then got distracted by other things
  3. Mary sat @ Jesus’ feet & listened
  4. Distraction: passive
  5. Distraction: chasing after the wind
  6. “If the devil cannot make us bad, he will make us busy.” (Corrie Ten Boom)
  7. Jesus cared more about Martha’s inside state of mind than her outside activities
  8. Word will feed inside needs
    1. That will fuel outside activities
  9. Focus on “down time”
  10. What will you choose to do next?

5/12/2019 How Does Your Garden Grow?
By Pastor Scott Hinsche

5/5/2019 Sunday of Service
By Pastor Scott Hinsche

  1. Gifted to serve
  2. Equipped to serve & mature
  3. Don’t shelve God’s good gifts









Tongue interpretation













  1. Serve for the Lord
  2. Service à Greatness
  3. Blessed to serve
  4. Don’t serve for credit here
  5. Tempted NOT to serve
  6. Are you coming to church to serve or be served?


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